Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why me?

So the question is, why do I get to blog?  This is a conundrum I've always had about blogging.  Who decides what is interesting?  However, that's the great thing about blogging.  Everyone's voice counts equally.  In writing and in teaching, I have found discovering your own sense of voice paramount.  The internet is a seething, tangled mess of indie.

Everyone has a voice worth using, and a story worth telling.  What separates those who are heard from those who aren't involves two main elements:  1.  Moxie.  You have to actually believe you are worth people's time and energy, and do something about it.  2.  Can you do it well?

That's why I'm devoting a blog to the study of literature, and to the study of my own writing process--my own literature.  I write memoir, so of course I'm going to sneak my life in here somewhere.  I also write a lot of fantasy, because I find the ability to move symbol into myth and back again a fascinating way to study character and every day life.

Please comment.  I love comments.  They make me all warm and fuzzy.  If you have any questions about writing or reading, I'm drowning in Ed. and workshopping experience, so I would be happy to share.

Share soon, share often, over share.  Bets

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  1. I love the image of the internet asa seething, tangled mess of indie