Monday, June 20, 2011


Let's all (meaning me, at this point) welcome Nancy!  Nancy, we welcome you.  We love you.  We hate using the royal we but appear to be doing it anyway.  Thanks, Nancy.  I'm curious to know more about your graduate work.  Also, what I am doing right or wrong on this site.  I'm a newbie.  I'm lurking around the web right now, but I'll probably be by later.


  1. Hi Bets! So far, I think you're doing great. However, the person to talk to about running a successful book blog would Angie at Angieville:

    With 727 follows, she has me beat by a mile. ;-) (I only have four . . .)

    What do you want to know about my graduate work? That's a pretty big question. I'm in the process of revising/rewriting my first chapter (of a planned four) and it's a very slow process for me. But since I'm actually making progress again, I hope that it'll move forward and I'll be on Chapter 2 before long. If you'd like to know what I'm writing about, ask away. Otherwise, I won't bore you. (I do find my diss slightly boring, so I can only imagine what other people think of it!)

  2. I know dissertation suck! I never wrote one but I've had a lot of friends do it. One is working on hers right now. Sometimes I read it over for her. Basically I just wanted to see if you wish to rant. :)