Thursday, August 4, 2011

So, I'm published (and back)

On the eve of my book, Weaver's Web--a fusion fantasy novel--publishing in paper and kindle, I chose to go to Canada, miles away from internet access.  Though, of course, I still had to bring my laptop and a pile of editing.

Here is the important and stunning thing to me:  I'm out there.  All of my life I have written, and all of my life its been family, a few friends, and of course instructors that read.  Writing this book brought me a whole range of emotions and experiences.  All I want is to share them.

I had a great team of people to back me, and I need to send mad props to them.

Meantime I waded in Lake Superior.  I was lazy about my hygiene.  I hung with my uncle's family and went to galleries with my aunt.

Now I am back, I am published, and I am ready for the next step.  Give me a shot.   Click below the cover picture for links to paper and kindle editions.

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  1. That fog and rock landscape was a good place to escape a sense of being trapped in your own writing, in your own mind. At the same time, it sure does evoke whole mythic worlds. I have a print of Lisa Cole's woodcut, "Five Thousand Years Ago" in my living room, and every time I see it, in spite of familiarity, I get this kind of primeordeal (sp) shiver.