Monday, September 22, 2014

Id--The Greatest Fusion Fantasy

Yeah, I am back!  Really this time.  After a discouraging diagnosis of fibromyalgia, i went sideways on traditional medicine and took a class on Mind Body Syndrome.  Unlearn Your Pain by Schubiner is the basic text/workbook.  It uses lost of ISDT methods.  Stop pain cycles triggered by emotions.  It's a little cult but there is a lot of good stuff in there and I am in much better shape

What the fuck? How could I not know? Until its recent web surging, the manwah Id--The Greatest Fusion Fantasy by Kenny A.T. and KIM Deawoo, art by Kenny A.T. did not show up on our great, wide web. Or at least my obsessive searches when creating my blog and web page. I was fusion fantasy. I came in right at the top if you googled "fusion fantasy" To my chagrin, I google myself out of habit and find myself confronted with Id. The Korean comic date3s back to 2006, when I had formulated my fusion fantasy, but had yet to get it together to get a webpage and blog and be something that irritated people I knew.

The manwah (comic) is adapted from the book of the same name.  It is a mixture of traditional swords and sorcery and traditional Chinese elements.  So, in a limited way Id is a form of my fusion fantasy.  I invented fusion fantasy when I was writing Rebirth in 2006, but didn't start up my blog or website till later.  That someone else came up with the term "fusion fantasy" is actually kind of cool.  This may merit further research.


  1. The synchronicity of “fusion fantasy’s multiple appearances does seem significant. Maybe you are prescient. That would explain your book plots but might mean that the world will soon be in for a run of frightening monsters, incarnations of deities that pick flesh from their teeth, and a witch more frightening than any version of Maleficent.

  2. Suggest your readers simply remember to Google "Bets fusion fantasy." Korean Comics are nowhere to be seen.