Monday, July 4, 2011

Yay Indie Authors!

On Independence Day I have to give a send up to the Indie Author!  The days of sending in queries and praying to the writing Gods are over!  The days of fitting your writing, especially genre, into cookie cutter forms are over.  Fusion Fantasy can exist.  Instead of fitting a book into fantasy, then fitting it into epic, or urban or. . . . It's gone.  We can mash and mix genres as much as we want.

The web has made it possible for writers to sell straight off a simple blog, as Amanda Hocking showed us so well.  Does writing still have to be good and timely?  Well, yeah.  But we can take control of the publishing for once.  We can find hidden authors with something to say that the publishers didn't want to hear.  Our reading and writing is in our control.

So on this day of celebrating independence, let me give a hell yeah to all those brave authors.

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